G-WASP - Ground - Wide Area Security Platform

G-WASP - Ground Wide Area Security Platform

Advance warning of threats is critical to increase survivability and improve mission success. The Ground-Wide Area Surveillance Platform (G-WASP) provides a rapidly deployable, scalable, trailerbased force protection system that can be towed by a wide range of vehicles or transported by helicopter.

  • Operational within 25 minutes with no prior ground preparation
  • Automatic detect and alert mode cuts patrol manpower
  • Fully self-sustainable for up to 25 days

G-WASP is a fully developed, off-the-shelf solution that is available now to meet urgent operational needs. G-WASP provides the key to identify threats, communicate their position and initiate a rapid response to dominate the area.

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Thermal Image
Deployment Map
Control Centre
WASP Unit Deployed

Border Surveillance
Networked, autonomous platforms with excellent range performance and day/night capability provide reliable surveillance and monitoring of complex borders. A number of G-WASP platforms can be networked together to create a “virtual fence”.

Security of Forward Operating Bases and Key Installations
360° mast mounted optical head provides uninterrupted coverage 24 hours a day and in all weather conditions. Automatic Geographic Information System (GIS) target information and integrated laser pointer highlights threats and allows prioritisation of response.

Improvised Explosive Device (IED) Clearance Support
Operational Commanders benefit from an increased vantage point with high definition TV colour zoom camera while the Thermal Imager (TI) increases the probability of detecting recent ground disturbance. Electronic scanning radar detects moving people in the clearance area.

Route Denial
Self-contained, autonomous day and night system that can be deployed for over 25 days without re-supply. GWASP allows strategic routes and ground to be monitored and protected from potential threats.

Coastal Protection
Accurate positional information of detected targets can be reported, including latitude/longitude coordinates, range and bearing. G-WASP continuously records the output from the TV and TI cameras, the GIS information and metadata for later use such as coordinating mine detection.

Lightweight, low cost electronic scanning radar detects moving people and vehicles over a wide area. Day/night operation with superior ground clutter suppression results in a low false alarm rate.

Optical Head
High definition thermal imager, colour CCD TV camera and eye safe laser range finder provides 24/7 all weather surveillance capability. High elevation and depression angles allow uninterrupted visual coverage.

Situational Awareness (SA) and Sensor Management System
Fusion of Sensor Data allows automatic tracking of several hundred individual targets at rapid update rates and allows camera/thermal imager to automatically track specific threats identified by the system.

Integrated GIS allows sharing of SA and Common Operating Picture (COP)between networked systems.

Communications and C2
High bandwidth, low latency, fully secure data transfer platforms provides rapid transfer of SA information between platforms and remote Command location. Selfhealing, self-forming ad hoc network continuously monitors connectivity to ensure optimum network performance.

Self-contained, compact trailer that can be rapidly deployed by towing vehicle, aircraft or helicopter. 2 man, 15 minute physical deployment, fully operational within 25 minutes. Selfcontained power management for 25 days without re-supply.


Full G-WASP Specifications can be downloaded in the brochure here - G-WASP Brochure