Mobile Surveillance Unit

Surveillance Mobile Command and Control Unit

Modern day operations of terrorist groups and organised crime require very detailed surveillance by the perpetrators in the planning and operational stages of their activities.

It is vital for government agencies and private security forces to be able to counter such operations by deploying both human and technical surveillance and counter surveillance capabilities themselves.

We can offer our customers a range of solutions for all their surveillance and counter surveillance requirements. We would like to remind all those who read this document that, whilst the terrorists can make many attempts at perpetrating outrages, government agencies can not afford to make any mistakes at all – efficient and effective overt and covert surveillance, whether it be technical or human, is therefore of paramount importance.

Meridian has already provided these capabilities to meet a variety of threats in a number of different environ- ments in the world – we look forward to discussing your requirements with you.

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Thermal Camera
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The vehicle can be built to your specific requirements, incorporating the latest, state of the art facilities and technology that includes:

  • Covert Human surveillance operation
    • Deployment of static observation posts in all environments
    • Deployment of human surveillance operators on foot, in vehicles or in the air
  • Vehicle Tracking
    • Tracking system for coordinating the deployment of police, military and other security vehicles
    • Tracking system for monitoring the movements of target individuals or vehicles
  • Remote Control Aerial surveillance
    • UAVís including short range heli robots Search and detection operations
    • Mobile trace detectors for explosives, WMD and other illegal substances
    • Use of other search and detection equipment such as portable x-ray surveillance
    • Anti surveillance detectors to identify the presence of hidden video and audio devices and remote controlled detonators
  • Optical, Night Vision, Thermal Surveillance and Radar
    • CCTV including Intelligent Video Analytics
    • Static and mobile Night Vision equipment including long range electro-optic equipment able to operate in complete darkness and in bad weather
    • Static and mobile Thermal Imaging equipment including long range Thermal Imaging cameras
    • Surveillance Radars - tracking solution that allows people, vehicles and other assets to be tracked over a 10km radius using unique UNB telemetry technology
    • POV video systems, capable of live video and audio transmission
  • Remote sensors
    • Microphone transmitters where necessary linked to radio link repeaters
    • Remote microphones and other sound ranging equipment
    • Remote video assets both overt and covert



Integration and prioritisation of surveillance information

As well as providing these equipment and resources, we can also provide the integration and prioritisation of information for display in mobile command centres on conventional or rugged screens in real time for use by on the spot commanders.

Vehicle Technical specifications, including communications and information integration systems, as per the Mobile Command and Control Unit but adapted to customer requirements.