Mobile Command and Control Unit

Mobile Command and Control Unit

This model is an ideal solution for public order control, disaster management, terrorist threats, high profile planned public events and VVIP movement. The vehicle can be deployed and in operational use within minutes of reaching a location.

The command and control facilities can coordinate the deployment of human assets, specialist search equipment including handheld portable search equipment, trace detection vehicles, counter surveillance equipment and K9 assets for search and detection purposes. Information collected from these assets can be shown in real time on tactical displays to ensure commanders have the necessary information to make informed decisions and monitor the progress of operations.

The platform can be built in various sizes from Compact Van to Rigid Truck with Urban and Rugged All Terrain chassis options. There is also the option of full ballistic armour providing up to NATO level IV protection.

Meridian has already provided these capabilities to meet a variety of threats in a number of different environments in the world – we look forward to discussing your requirements with you.

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Control Room
Mobile Command and Control Unit 1
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The vehicle can be built to your specific requirements, incorporating the latest, state of the art facilities and technology that includes:

  • Search and Detection
    • Vehicle tracking both friendly and hostile forces
    • Trace detectors to detect explosives, WMD and other illegal substances
    • Metal detectors both walkthrough and handheld
    • Anti surveillance detectors to identify the presence of hidden listening or video devices
    • Cellular jammer blocks all incoming and outgoing calls covering technologies including GSM, TDMA, CDMA, IDEN, UNTS, AMPS, NMT, N-AMPS and TACS
    • Bomb jamming equipment
    • Portable X-ray machines for baggage and humans
  • Internal Facilities (dependent on vehicle choice)
    • Fully air conditioned throughout
    • Power management by way of internal generator providing power sockets throughout the vehicle
    • Conference room with seating, table, overhead projector, whiteboard, PC with network connection, speakerphone
    • Welfare area with basic food/drinks preparation and separate W/C
    • Operations centre with individual workstations, multiple tactical display units, supervisor position, fax machine, printer, 19 rack housing IT and UPS systems
    • Storage throughout vehicle
    • Emergency escape hatches, emergency lighting, fire suppression and first aid kits
  • External Facilities (dependent on vehicle choice)
    • Vehicle and portable scene lighting
    • PA system and blue light facilities
    • Under floor storage
    • External power sockets
  • Communications
    • UHF, VHF and HF encrypted communications
    • High speed satellite providing encrypted voice, fax and data communications
    • Full server based network with satellite broadband, internet connectivity and UPS protection
  • Imaging
    • Long range night vision - license plate up to 2km, human recognition up to 5km, vehicle classification up to 10km in all weather conditions
    • Thermal imaging imagers can detect a man-sized object at distances up to 25km
    • Surveillance Radars - tracking solution that allows people, vehicles and other assets to be tracked over a 10km radius using unique UNB telemetry technology
  • CCTV
    • Vehicle mast mounted cameras
    • Wireless PTZ cameras with a transmission range up to 100km
    • Ballistic resistant cameras
    • Intelligent Video Analytics alerts movement behaviour, tripwire, fence trespassing, object removal, autonomous PTZ tracking, stopped vehicle detection, unattended baggage, left items
    • ANPR (Automated Number Plate Recognition)
    • Image distribution images and video sequences can be distributed to mobile devices in real time
    • Remote viewing and camera operations from any location
    • Data storage for archive and playback