Intercept Mobile Command and Control Unit

Intercept Mobile Command and Control Unit

In the modern world, technology has advanced sufficiently to allow interception of almost all means of communications by sophisticated government agencies and suitably qualified individuals.

The dangers and benefits of communication intercept do not just apply to government information but also to commercial information. Indeed more and more large, medium and small entities require detailed information which cannot be provided by traditional methods.

We are pleased to be able to offer for use by both government and corporate organisations a variety of communication intercept solutions based on a range of mobile platforms. We can also provide integrated solutions of a number of different intercept capabilities into a wider command and control network thus allowing operational commanders to have maximum intelligence in a timely manner.

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Such solutions need to be tailor made. We are pleased to be able to offer confidential discussions with the appropriate experts to identify customer’s needs and propose solutions.

The vehicle can be built to your specific requirements, incorporating the latest, state of the art facilities and technology that includes:

  • Radio Intercept
    • UHF, VHF and HF coverage
    • Fixed Frequency Operation
    • DF Homing Operation
    • Wideband DF Operation
    • Automatic Frequency Scan
    • Automatic Scan from List
    • Automatic Spectrum Monitoring
    • Local / Remote / Network Operation
  • Covert deployable Intercept
    • Provision of microphone transmitters
    • Audio wired systems
    • Audio mains carrier systems
    • Additional audio recording devices
    • Hostile vehicle tracking
  • Fixed line Intercept (Voice, Fax and Data)
    • Monitoring of individual telephone lines or exchanges
    • Gathering of ELINT
    • Call logging and archived for future use
    • Automatic selection of targets
  • Cellular Intercept
    • Combined passive and active systems
    • Invisible active intercept of voice and SMS transmissions
    • Portable and tactical solutions
    • Localised directional finding
    • Substitution of dialled to diverted numbers
    • Propagation of alternate channel signals
    • Call logging and archived for future use
  • Satellite Intercept
    • Off air monitoring
    • Provision of Spotbeam information, location, date and time of call, dialled and received number logging, and other technical information
    • Human comprehensible call content
    • MES IMEI number recording
    • CLIP

Vehicle Technical specifications, including communications and information integration systems, as per the Mobile Command and Control Unit but adapted to customer requirements.