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Colonel Guy Sayle, OBE former UK Defence attaché

After 35 years of experience in the field of military, para-military and police vehicles, I believe that Meridian represents the very best in specialist vehicle design and production. Unlike larger companies, it provides an individually designed solution to a customer’s requirement and then ensures the highest level of quality control during the manufacturing process thus giving the client a purpose-built vehicle to suite his exact needs.

Meridian never forgets that a vehicle is but a platform for a particular operational requirement. It must therefore not only provide a vehicle suitable to the terrain and environmental conditions required, but also a vehicle in which and from which the technical and operational requirements can be carried out.

By also being able to provide a full suite of equipment and capabilities for a particular operation whether crowd control, disaster relief, surveillance, counter-surveillance, intercept, and a range of other uses, Meridian ensures that systems are fully integrated within the vehicle and commanders, operators, and other users have the ideal surroundings to carry out their tasks.

I have been particularly impressed by the high level of commitment and expertise shown by those involved in the design and production of all Meridian vehicles, thus providing technically superior products that, at the same time, provide excellent value for money.

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