WASP - Wide Area Security Platform


  • Border Security
  • Security of Mobile assets
  • Oil & Gas Infrastructure
  • Port & Harbor protection
  • Critical National Infrastructure
  • Airfields & airports
  • High Profile events

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A rapidly deployable trailer-based force protection system providing advanced warning for potential threats. G-WASP enables combat forces to identify, decide, then dominate.

Advance warning of threats is critical to increase survivability and improve mission success.

The Ground-Wide Area Surveillance Platform (G-WASP) provides a rapidly deployable, scalable, trailerbased force protection system that can be towed by a wide range of vehicles or transported by helicopter.

  • Operational within 25 minutes with no prior ground preparation
  • Automatic detect and alert mode cuts patrol manpower
  • Fully self-sustainable for up to 25 days

G-WASP is a fully developed, off-the-shelf solution that is available now to meet urgent operational needs. G-WASP provides the key to identify threats, communicate their position and initiate a rapid response to dominate the area...read more

Meridian specialises in the provision of state of the art Mobile Command Centres and associated equipment for a variety of operational situations for use by day and night in all weather in both urban and rural areas and in all terrains.

Meridian is supported by 40 years of on the ground operational experience in a variety of operational theatres and by highly successful and competitive commercial expertise.

Systems can be fitted to a variety of platforms for use in sophisticated urban areas to rugged mountainous regions, including a variety of protected and unprotected vehicles including cars, vans, trucks and other specialist vehicles. The possible operational use varies from Public Order control, overt and covert surveillance, intercept and monitoring, incident control for use following both terrorist attacks, natural disasters, road, rail and air incidents, VVIP movement control and coordination of NBC / health related incidents.

Surveillance and other systems can be integrated within the command centre to provide an overall picture to the relevant commanders. Systems both technical and human can include:

  • Search and Detection coordination for weapons, explosives, WMD and other dangerous substances
  • Bomb jamming equipment
  • Deployment of human assets
  • Satellite communications providing encrypted voice, fax and data solutions
  • Emergency services coordination
  • Server based networks
  • Political and media coordination
  • CCTV
  • Intelligent Video Analytics
  • Vehicle tracking system
  • Optical, Thermal, Radar and other night vision imaging systems
  • Provision of integrated information from a wide variety of sensors both technical and human
  • UHF, VHF and HF encrypted communications

This website will give you examples of possible variants of likely operational solutions. However these are not exhaustive and we are able to offer mobile solutions to suit your individual needs. We can also offer the specialist equipment required for the various scenarios.